A Successful Practioner’s Secret to Success

Being an excellent massage therapist does not guarantee a successful massage therapy business. Additional skills are required including handling the business aspects of your practice, and acquiring and managing clients. The most important additional skill is acquiring and managing potential NEW clients. Here, people skills are the “make it or break it” key to building a successful practice. If you do not have them you will have to develop this skill set fast or you need to work for an established bodywork provider until you do. Here is one technique that a very successful therapist uses to impress potential clients: this sole practitioner has a warm personality and is genuinely empathetic. She responds to her potential clients’ complaints of aches and pains by showing concern and demonstrating her knowledge with helpful suggestions for the potential clients’ discomfort. The key technique here is she suggests one or two slow and simple exercises and/or stretches that may be helpful. This lets the potential client know that their comfort and well-being are primary. Then she follows up with “Please call me next week and let me know how you are feeling,” or better “May I call you in a few days to see how you are feeling?” Only after she has made the second contact does she let them know that her massage skills could also be of help. You get the idea. Show empathy and knowledge before trying to get a booking. CAUTION: Always keep your suggested exercises and/or stretches slow and simple. Leave any complicated exercises for other professionals.

Acquiring a good knowledge of slow and simple exercises and/or stretches to help aches, pains, and minor injuries will take work on your part. There are numerous books on the subject; find a good one to read and study. This body of knowledge applied properly and combined with an honest dose of empathy can make the difference between a so-so practice and a very successful one.

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