Massage Crème’s, Lotions, and Oils

List of Sources of Massage and Bodywork Lotions

Professional products for use by massage therapists and bodyworkers abound, and come in a great many varieties, sizes, textures, and scented or fragrance-free. Most commonly, these products come under the headings of lotions, crèmes, butters, gels, oils and analgesics. The top name brands for professional massage therapy products are Biotone, Soothing Touch, Massage FX, Lotus Touch, Bon Vital, and TheraPro. A word of caution, your massage clients could have allergies to some ingredient in the lotion you are using. So it is important to ask your clients about any allergies they may have before using any product. Also, using hypoallergenic products gives you some extra protection from a client having a problem.

Following are several websites where you can find the professional products you need for your massage therapy practice:

The following link refers to a chart outlining the type of massage products used in specific modalities:

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