Massage Music Used By Successful Bodyworkers

You can find quality music for your bodywork room (free sampling available) on,,,, You can also listen for free to sample various artists at If you do a Google search of “Relaxing Bodywork Music”, you will come up with “over 8 million results” so you will never lack for quality music for your bodywork environment. You may also want to let your clients know that they are welcome to bring their own relaxing music.

Definitely spend some time listening to the various artists before settling on your collection.
Here is a sampling of the music being used currently by bodyworkers in their practices today.

  1. Pati, 10 years experience, Reiki Hands of Light by Deuter, available on CD from
  2. Nancy, 15 years experience, Sleep Deeply by Dan Gibson’s Solitudes, available on CD from
  3. Mary, 20 years experience, Sleep Soundly by Steven Halpern, available on CD from
  4. John, 5 years experience, The Best of Aeoliah, by Aeoliah, available on CD from or from as a CD or as a download.
  5. Jessica, 2 years experience, Ahanu Healing Massage Music by Autumn Hill, available for download from
  6. Britney, 1 year experience, Above the Clouds from Lifescapes by Kavin Hoo, available on CD from
  7. Joe, 1 year experience, Baby Massage by Karunesh, available on CD at iTunes from
  8. Kandace, 3 years experience, Kokyo by Kevin Village Stone, available from
  9. Henry, 16 years experience, recommends the following artists: Steven Halpern, Carlos Nakai, Richard Clayderman, Enya. All of these artists have multiple albums (CD) available on
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